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Zambia Chamber of Mines

The Chamber of Mines in Zambia was originally formed in September 1942 as the Northern Rhodesia Chamber of Mines. It operated until 1965 when the Copper Industry Service Bureau (CISB) replaced it. However, with the nationalisation of the mining industry the necessity for the Chamber of Mines fell away. The Chamber of Mines was re-established in 2000 after the privatisation of the mining assets were completed. The Objectives for which the Chamber of Mines of Zambia has been established are detailed in the Constitution and are as follows: “The Chamber is established for the purposes of promoting the interests of its members, and encouraging, protecting and fostering the Mining Industry of Zambia and doing everything necessary and advisable for the advancement /achievement of those objectives.”

Zambia Railways Ltd

What is now Zambia Railways Limited was formerly the North-Western Region of Rhodesia Railways with its regional headquarters at Kabwe while the company’s headquarters was in Bulawayo. The construction of this line started at the Victoria Falls Bridge in 1903 and was finally connected to Zaire (Now Congo DR) in 1909.